​The fabulous little family home in Tanzania

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​The fabulous little family home in Tanzania

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 غرفة المعيشة تنفيذ A4AC Architects , حداثي
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Today’s homify 360° discovery leaves our country’s borders and spies on the 3D designs of a house-to-be in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, even though local Johannesburg-based A4AC Architects are in charge of this project.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the designs for this 500 m², R3 million creation.

The front façade

Modern style, symmetrical designs, a firm dose of character displayed via the contrasting materials and textures, neutral hues – yes, this house’s exterior façade seems to have all the winning touches. 

And can you imagine the fantastic natural lighting filtering inside via those generous windows?

The courtyard

At the back, we locate a quaint little courtyard that speaks of this structure’s commitment to outdoor living – why else would it have such generous windows and glass doors that allow for first-rate views of the surrounding landscape/garden? 

And even though we like the placement of the little tree, we can’t help but wonder what a café-style dining table with matching chairs would have looked like here…

The interior style

For the insides, the house’s style goes up a few notches until it reaches a firm amount of glamour, as evidenced by these designs – just look at that fabulous rug, the dazzling ceiling pendants, the stylishly patterned walls, the furniture, etc. 

As far as a social ambience goes, this open-plan layout of the living room, dining room and kitchen definitely gets our vote!

The bedroom

No need to feel gloomy in this bedroom, for it enjoys a prominent amount of sunshine flooding indoors. And ample legroom is available to add perhaps an armchair here, a credenza there and maybe a seating bench with some built-in storage right in front of the bed.

But we’re just daydreaming… how would you style up this bedroom?

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