5 great looking family houses in Johannesburg

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5 great looking family houses in Johannesburg

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Everyone wants that place that they can call home, relax and unwind from the day's stress. However, creating the perfect home design takes precise planning, creativity, skills and the crafts known to experienced architects. If you want professional architects and designers to help you create the ideal property that you’ve always dreamt of then you can be sure to find the help you need right here at homify. You can depend on them for quality and excellence in workmanship. Browse from a variety of architects and professionals that can assist you with every project.

Double-storey, spacious parking

This family home is generous with parking space accommodating for indoor garage parking as well as outdoor parking in the driveway. The house features easy-maintenance face brick and wooden garage doors adding to the aesthetic beauty.

Delux Contemporary

Who doesn’t like the robust, yet stylish look that emanates from a contemporary house design? Straight lines as is seen in this property is not only spectacular and unique but also gives that stance of modern day luxury infused with a comfortable family lifestyle. The spacious patio is great for outdoor entertaining whether dining alfresco or simply enjoying a sundowner in the outdoor air.

Shiplap chic

Shiplap is a wonderful material allowing for light maintenance and oozing elegance in a unique almost traditional manner. With shiplap, homes can portray a country-style house or be seen as a modern and even contemporary take to your building architecture. The smooth concrete and brickwork add to this great looking house’s charm and modern day elegance.

Ultra modern and elegant

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You can’t go wrong with a property design that is with the times modern, and yet, timeless enough to last throughout the years. This house in Johannesburg exudes luxury and an elegant design that is fit for a family or a prestigious individual or couple.

Zen and contemporary

Something about this property’s structure sparks that feeling of “zen” and contemporary.Is it the beautiful brick and stone textures that makes this property standout, or its sheer opulence and stunning aesthetics that simply make it evenbetter than you would’ve thought.

Speaking of reliable professionals who can help you bringing the dream house to life, Johannesburg-based TOP CENTRE PROPERTIES GROUP specialises in architecture/ property development/ construction, and is particularly known for having a fine eye for detail whenit comes to excellent property designs.

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