Regalias India Interiors & Infrastructure: تصميم داخلي و ديكورات في Hyderabad هوميفاي
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Regalias India Interiors & Infrastructure
Regalias India Interiors & Infrastructure

Regalias India Interiors &…

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Regalias India Interiors & Infrastructure
Regalias India Interiors & ...
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Flat No 104 Raghava Residency Vaibhav Nagar Bagh Amberpet
500013 Hyderabad


I don't know where to start about Krishna. I worked immensely hard to buy my dream house in a very good locality and then made the biggest mistake of my life and put it in the hands of this cheat. He talked very convincingly about how he would transform the project into my dream house. I trusted him not knowing how blatantly he would play with the life and happiness of my family over the next 16 months. From the time I called him, talked about specifics and him giving me a quotation, it took 2 months. On the 14 of March,2018 made a first payment of 10 Lakhs, with the promise of finishing the project in 16-18 weeks (4 months). Over the next months work slowed down every day, he wouldn't take calls, kept us waiting for hours when tried to meet him in person, he would not visit the site. Avoiding any contact most of the time. He instead sends his two deputies, Kiran and Chetan. Now these guys will act like they will work with you. Kiran can't even execute his own designs. Paper warrior so to speak. He needs inputs from you all the time. Tells me to google whatever design i want, and let him now. Despite doing that he single handedly managed to screw up most of the designs executed. When asked about it, he would direct me to the ghostman a.k.a krishna who didnt care at all. Chetan is slightly more mature and appeared to be a responsible guy. He helped towards completion of the project as long as he could but ultimately his association with Krishna has affected him adversely. He stopped working and now is ignoring like Krishna. Despite all the payments made promptly, whenever requested, they had delayed the execution of the project. They had occupied my house and not completed nor vacated it. My house was under their 'Kabja' so to speak. Flouted multiple deadlines which were given whenever i made a fuss. Krishna has all kind of excuses from death of family member, court cases(obviously), financial troubles, audit season, taking mom to temple etc etc.. anything but the client is a priority. In the month of Jan 2019, I had informed Krishna that i'll be moving in, and needed the work finished. He said he will finish in 10 days. Obviously he lied again and didn't finish it. In Feb 2019, I had to forcefully move into my house, despite it being in a very bad condition. I spent 5 days personally cleaning it at times to get it into a livable state. After we moved chetan coordinated some of the work and Krishna kept ignoring me via Phone or personally meeting me. Eventually, not even basic works were completed like cleaning, door handles, alignments etc. As of today, 20 May 2019, the project is still incomplete. Krishna infact didnt visit me or my house (his project) in the last 6-8 months. And the completed work is very substandard. The workers were rookies and had no idea how to do it effectively or efficiently. *The glass work done is horrible at best. Washroom partitions are installed upside down. Washroom walls broken. Kitchen cabinet door are not even installed. *Cupboard doors are bent, hit each other and do not close. *Wardrobe sliding doors are already derailed and stuck. *Study units are extremely delicate. *Handles are coming off the cupboard doors. *Electrical work done is a nightmare. I had to literally rewire everything. I had to install the ceiling fans myself because Krishna wouldn't send anyone to work. *All TV units were poorly planned. I had to remove the electrical sockets out of the way for wall brackets. The electricians who came after Regalias were aghast at their incompetence. I have so many unfinished things in the house I cant even list all of them. I have attached some pictures for you to see. As an Interior Designer, how can anybody be happy or proud of such shoddy work!! Finally he ransacked me for a hefty sum and made a joke of the entire project. Despite my complaints that the output was not what was discussed, he obviously didnt care. My mistake in here is to trust his words and to not make a legal contract due to my ignorance. Money was never the problem. His intention was never to work straight forward. I urge you to not trust this heartless, unethical and extremely cunning Fraudster named krishna and his associates.
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تاريخ المشروع: مايو 2019
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